These are seasonal items we offer, or just a fun soap we thought you would like.  Check here for holiday specials.  If you would like a special order or a gift basket, or something you bought that is not on the site, please contact us at 

Goat milk makes a mild soap with a creamy lather.  Available now, Spicy Goat Milk, and Orange-Anise Goat Milk soaps.  Lavender goat milk soap is also usually available.  Please contact us to get a current list.  Bars are $4.00 each. 

Goat milk soaps

Special Products

Solid Lotion Bar

 $4.00 for a  bar of at least 4 ounces.  Beeswax, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, and Vit-E, with a hint of Cherry Almond fragrance.  Pop out the bar, rub between your hands, and apply as needed.  This will melt if left in the sun, but it is still good to use. 

MJ and Nana Soap