About mj and nana

Nana - I am a Registered Nurse with usually severely cracked skin on my hands.  I took up soap making out of curiosity.  I love to cook, and making soap has the same feeling of taking a recipe and making it your own, without all the calories!  I am now hooked on making and using my own soap.  I won't say my skin is never dry, but I have noticed much less cracking and itching since I started using my own soap.  And many fewer bottles of lotion used.  My body chemistry turns almost all perfumes a funny alcohol-type smell, but I enjoy using a scented soap, which doesn't seem to react the same way.  I prefer a lighter scent, so I can make it the way I like it. 

MJ - MJ is my beautiful granddaughter who is 18 years old.  She loves to help cook, so she took to soapmaking right away.  She has been helping me for over 6 years and does a great job weighing the fats and oils, helping me with molds, and assisting me at craft shows. 

MJ and Nana Soap