Unscented and simple, available in all vegetable oil if you prefer.† Each bar is at least 4 ounces.† $4.00† each.

Just Plain Soap

Gentle bar with ground oatmeal,† milk, honey, with a† little fragrance oil to enhance the scent.$4.00 per bar.

Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey

Holiday specials, or just for fun.

Product List

†$4.00 for a† bar of at least 4 ounces.† Scent reminds me of my grandmotherís favorite lotion.

Cherry Almond with Cocoa Butter

MJ and Nana Soap

Due to the homemade nature of these products, bar shape and/or label may not be as pictured.†



†$4.00 for a† bar of at least 4 ounces.† Invented for my youngest granddaughter, born with extremely sensitive skin.† Made with lots of oatmeal, no fragrance, and just a few oils.† This soap has been a hit with lots of people wanting a gentle, fragrance-free, soap..

Baby Soap for Clair